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5 Ways for the Desi Community to Feel at Home in the US During COVID-19 Lockdown!


If so, you’re not alone.

An ocean away from your friends, family, and country is difficult. It is normal for the Desi community to the miss the food, music, and dress of home. Everything is different. But remember, change is good.

There are many interesting things to explore when you are submerged in a different culture. The US is home to amazing cities, food, national parks, music and festivals.

Even though the US has exciting things to do and see, connecting to your roots is good for the soul. It is a way to feel at home, even when home is far away. There are many ways to connect to your Desi roots on US soil.

Below is a list of 5 ways to feel at home while living in America.

  1. Food: Food is magic. It can transport you through space and time to your childhood home. Food is much more than answering your body’s hunger pangs. The flavors and aroma remind you of Grandma’s cooking. There is a strong sense of nostalgia as you
    prepare food the way Mom did and fix it beautifully on a plate. If you know any other Desi in your area, why not invite them over? They are sure to enjoy the taste of home, too. Food also builds a bridge of friendship, so even if you don’t know your neighbors or
    co-workers, invite them over! People of all backgrounds are sure to enjoy and appreciate your authentic Desi cuisine. To find restaurants or grocery stores, check out the listings
  • Holidays: Don’t let a Desi holiday pass you by without celebrating – buy lamps and diyas in advance! Even if it is just you and your family, light some firecrackers for Diwali and throw colors during Holi. Make sure to reach out to family and friends in your hometowns and hear about their day. It is good to reminisce about the what it’s like to experience these holidays.

Your heart will feel uplifted to remember that even though you are in a different country, your culture and community remain unchanging. While it is fun to observe your hometown holidays overseas, don’t forget to enjoy American holidays, too! One of the best things about being multi-national is that you get to enjoy holidays from two cultures.

  1. Music & Festivals: Living in a different country can feel sad at times. Music allows us to purge our feelings and emotions. For some, music reduces stress and anxiety. When you listen to Desi music, it feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket. It is familiar and comfortable and you can sing along. Keep your eyes and ears open for news about music festivals. What better way to feel at home than to be surrounded by your community and music?
  1. Bollywood: On the weekends when there are no festivals or events to attend, why not kick back and watch your favorite flick? Invite friends over and make some Baked Ragi Chakli. Movies are important pieces of culture. They can transport you back to your
    hometown through the sights and sounds. When you are feeling especially lonely, grab a movie that makes you sing and dance. This is a great way to feel less homesick and get off of the couch.
  1. KuchKuch: There are thousands of others with south Asian heritage in the US. When you surround yourself with others with similar backgrounds, it helps you to feel connected. Feeling connected wards off homesickness and helps you to find happiness – even miles away from home! To find businesses and services, check out, the ultimate online platform for Desi community. You don’t just get an address and contact information; there are other details about the business and services you need. You can find your next handyman, real estate agent, daycare provider, and much more. Start using KuchKuch today!

Even though you feel alone, you are not! Enjoy traditional Desi cuisine, celebrate holidays, listen to music, watch movies, and shop from people in your community. When you surround yourself with your culture, you will feel much happier.

Remember, home is where the heart is.When you are Desi at heart, you will always be at home!

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