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A Guide to Desis Living in California

A guide to Desis living in California, USA

California is America’s best and if you are to live in this great state which is large and popular you are one among the fortunate. Let’s discuss the high excitements of the state and the ones the heart desires.

The Attractions:

The top cities and attractions of California are naturally San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Monterey and La Jolla. The best entertainment and the experience you could count on that creates memories forever are Golden Gate Bay Cruise in San Francisco, Universal Studios Hollywood, Aquarium of the Pacific, Harbor Cruise in San Diego, USS Midway Museum and much more. 

The Cities:

The prominent cities in California are San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Monterey, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Carmel by the sea, Santa Barbara, Sausalito, Sacramento, San Jose, La Jolla, Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach, Temecula, Solvang, West Hollywood, Oceanside, Coronado and much more. 


Finding a house in California although not tasking, the right one needs to be hunted. The median rent in California is between $2000 to $2500 while the average national rent stands to be around $1500. This shows the rental accommodation is expensive as it is more than the national average. This has been approximated to the average space of 1400 sq. Ft. 

The suitable type of rental can be seeked if preferred for an apartment, a Condo, single family home, town home. One could also look for other amenities like washer dryer, Air conditioner, microwave, dishwasher, garage, disposals, pool, hot tub, balcony, gym, fireplace and more. 

The housing consideration before choosing the right one will be to check on the building style options. It can be stand-alone houses, multi unit complexes, and tall apartments are rare here. Check on the commute time for your travel and seek the space in the neighbourhood. Check on the parking space and other amenities mentioned above. 

  • Get prepared with documents
  • Rental insurance
  • Check book
  • Photo id
  • Employment proof
  • References
  • Credit score
  • Car registration if completed offers list of rentals in California. If you looking for any single family home, townhomes, Condos, apartment for rent Post your rental need at If you are rental space owner, list your rental accommodation and get the right tenant!

Working and cost of living:

This land provides many opportunities for the new residents. It contributes strongly to the economy and has a wide range of sectors. The most significant ones are trade, agriculture, entertainment, tourism along with the technology giant’s presence. The hub for Apple, Google and FB and hence the median household income stands to be the highest in the country.

This is directly proportional and hence the cost of living is the highest in the nation. The most expensive cities are San Francisco and Los Angeles. The rent works out to be about 44% to the median salary and it is much more expensive than the cities of Texas and New York. offers list of various services / businesses in California. If you are looking for any desi needs post your need or Business owner / Services provider in California List your business.

If you are a student or a working professional in California, you could seek to post your requirements / services / business in we work to get your requirements fulfilled swiftly. If you are looking for a desi community in California then you are at the right place to connect with the desi across the California, USA to experience India in the California ,USA. 

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