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Best places where Indians can live in the USA

The Indian population is widespread in the USA and it is drastically increasing in recent years. The Indians make up to 1.3% of the overall population. Let us look at the top cities with the Asian population in order to have the highest number of Indians present.

New York

New York, the metropolitan, consists of the highest Indian populations and they are the people who first became the citizens of the USA. It is also referred to as the Tri-State area which includes New York–Newark–Jersey City (NY–NJ–PA). The prominent reason for many Indians’ residing in NY is because the first-time immigrated Indians mostly landed in New York. List your business or classifieds in New York, USA.


Another great urban area known to be the top 50 largest in the world and stands in the 40th position globally. It is also commonly referred to as Chicagoland compresses of Chicago-Naperville-Elgin (IL-IN-WI), the desi population here is the second largest in the country. Many Indian professionals moved to Chicago as the land of opportunities. The Indians in large numbers can be found at Glenview and Naperville. Want to list your business or post classifieds in Chicago, helps connecting Indians in Chicago.

Washington DC

This is the third largest Indian population and commonly referred to as National Capital Reagan inclusive of Washington–Arlington–Alexandria (DC–VA–MD–WV). This capital city has well accommodated the Indian population and they have gained popularity in technology, religion, cuisine and entertainment. Post classifieds / List business at Washington DC.

Most attracted best places for Indians 

The other top attractive places for Indians to choose landing in the USA were the factors of cost of living, economy, crime rate, opportunities, education, culture and climate. The following are the places most preferred.


Ample opportunities for the students and the working professional in various industries that includes technology, healthcare, medical, finance and much more. Top companies like Google, Apple, Disney have their prominent establishments. Pittsburgh Indian Community Portal to post needs, offers and list business.

San Diego

About 70000 Indian students land at San Diego each year seeking the opportunities and the affordable living., serene environment and beauty is enhanced here. It is known for its fun and affordability. List business or post classifieds at San Diego.


Doubtlessly, most Indians dream to get educated here and top universities are established like MIT, Harvard, Boston University. Boston ranks 12th in the world for its world-class high standard education. Be it science, art of management Indian students land here for their career acceleration. Boston Indian Community Portal to list business & post ads.


Popular for the IT industry and this city provides affordable education than the top universities. The living and economy are affordable. Housed is the second largest seaport in the USA. Baltimore also stands in the top 10 places preferred by the Indian students to live in the USA.

Baltimore Desi Classifieds & business listings


Known to be less expensive and a homely place for the Indian to live comfortably. This stands to be the 9th largest city in the USA to accommodate the landing Indians. Culture, career, technology, education and weather proves comfortable for the Indians to choose. 

Business Listings in Dallas, Texas

Come, join us to explore more about the cities and the popular desi stuffs around these cities for the Indians in the USA. Visit now the ultimate community portal for Indians in the USA!

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