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How to welcome a nanny into your house

knowing the importance of nanny and being clear over the comfort and security requirements for them and providing the same while their contribution to the family and kids are supportive and successful for the nanny and the family. To this fulfilment the thought process to the welcoming scenario of the nanny into the house goes with certain suggestions.

Cheerful entry

  • As the nanny has been landing the city or the home, plan a welcome board and creativity options as per the convenience. 
  • Introducing the family members.
  • Prepare a welcome kit which can be readily shopped that handles the personal stuff like toiletries, bath kit, winter accessories, clothing. 
  • Provide them the access to the common utilities, coupons, shop cards or other identities to freely handle the requirements. 
  • Gift them with gift cards to the local restaurants along with the location details.
  • Plan a welcome dinner as a gesture to the happy welcome.

Spend some time

It is important to discuss with the nanny and support with the relevant information along with the schedules and the process of the daily course of action. 

Be frank with the child requirements and expectation, detail about the handling of the emergencies.

Explain schedules

  • Make clear details about the child’s doctor, allergies, health care, playtime, the potty situation, bathing rituals and lessons.
  • Make sure you communicate the personal boundaries like addressing the family members, access to the staff, use of social media and others.
  • Have a written protocol on the activities of the child and the supportive works for the nanny.

Travelling protocol

When transportation has to be experienced for the nanny to handle the child pick up or drop, you need to be specific. Show the nanny the operations of the GPS and other comforts related to the vehicle. The location, the GPS, the contact details of the doctors, school, classes, sports, dance classes and the related outdoor works. Provide the details of the auto insurance and do inform the rules to adhere when travelling.

Introduce to the society

It is important to let the people around you know about the appointment of the nanny, make sure to intimate the school, extra classes, doorman, friends and others in authority to manage the children. 

Make sure to keep their space added with some photos and flowers, do make it up for a walk or a drive, consider their suggestions and keep them treated as family members. It is also necessary to provide them with some down time which will keep them refreshed always. Plan shopping with them, and provide opportunities to socialize. 

Keeping them close and comfortable right from the first day will certainly be a successful member addition to the family. These are a few tips to be considered and the creativity over them can get a better day for the welcome of a nanny into your home. 

If you are serving as nanny or looking out to appoint a nanny, do let us know by posting your needs / nanny services at and get your needs fulfilled swiftly. Affordable Paid Plans Available.

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