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Own a Home-based Business? List Your Business at

Home based business is operating your business from your home space which could be related to products or services. This is primarily the best option to pursue entrepreneurship at the convenience and flexibility of your home. This would save on the overhead expenses like rent in the initial days to stabilize the business. 

This could be a welcoming option but does not limit the choices to add up the promotions to pick up the business. Coming across various types of promotions which may be both paid or free, it is important to spread business promotions.

Indian food catering services

If you are the one providing Indian food as catering services for the various events including weddings, parties, birthdays, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even homemade foods, then you are welcome to get listed here with your speciality and experience. 


Are you into baking services or own bakeries, get yourself noted better with us? If you provide wedding cakes, bridal shower cakes, engagement party cakes, decorated wedding cake, cookies, pastries, cupcakes, cupcake shops, eggless cakes, puffs, birthday party cakes, custom cakes, designer cakes, chandler , bread, dessert tables then come join us immediately.

Home healthcare services

Providing healthcare services at home for the elderly or for the required, with the best compassion, professionalism and dedication. Provide the details of your speciality treatment with the experience and the protocols for the benefit of our users. 

Ayurvedic consultation

Get your Ayurvedic consultation online or from the comfort of your home, if you provide home services then you need to be spotlighted in our website for the benefit of the many users who are mostly from the desi community living in the USA.

Zumba lessons

Provide personalized Zumba lessons from the comfort of the home. You could gain access to the right fitness by undertaking Zumba classes right from home at the most preferred time. This service needs attention in our portal, publish your business with us now.

Adult and child dance class

Dance classes be it for adults or kids, get them noted to the desi community in the USA. This is a quick reach to the many looking for and get them know your speciality, experience and the details of the dance classes. 

Indian astrologers

The look out for the Indian astrologers in the USA can happen in a quick search, if you are one of these service providers then list your astrology business with us. Join us if you are birth chart astrology, black magic remedy experts, face reading specialist, gemmologist, horoscope services, kundali reading, lal kitab expert, nadi astrology, numerology, Prasanna Jothi dam astrology, VashiKaran astrologers, vastu specialist, Vedic astrology. 

Beauty treatment

Based at home the beauty treatment services in the USA are one among the welcoming business and services. Glad to welcome you to our portal to list your business at in a few simple steps.


One could enjoy this service right from the comfort of their home. List Your Fitness Business to get in touch with the many Indians in the USA.

Business life coach

Business life coach, career life coach, dating coach, education life coach, entrepreneurship life, coach, financial life coach, health life coach, leadership life coach, life balance life coach, parenting life coach, relationships life coach, life coach, emotional healing, physical therapy, life, force energy healing, anti-aging therapy, stress relief therapy, health and fitness, executive, coaching, guy counselling, Marathi culture, Marathi language, yoga classes, numerology, palmistry, massage therapy, life coaching, reiki services, reiki treatments and classes, public speaking, speed reading, fast thinking and fast learning, inner motivation, inner breaks and many more are the segments available to display your business at 

Therapy and Reiki services

Anti-Aging Therapy, Chakra Energy Healing, Depression and Anxiety Treatment, Dietician, Emotional , healing, Life Force Energy Healing, Physical Therapy, Reiki Healing, Stress Relief Therapy, Black , magic Remedy Experts, Face Reading Specialist, Financial Astrology, Gemmologist, Horoscope Services, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, Vedic Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Marriage , astrology, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Reading, Yoga Classes, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Beauty Consultation, Quantum Touch Energy Healing Practitioner, Massage Centres, Home Health Care Services, Nursing Homes, Ayurvedic Spas, Ayurvedic Consultation, Ayurvedic , therapies, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Holistic Health Practitioners, Nerve Pain Relief, Crystal therapy, Sound healing, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Learn Reiki Level 1, Learn Reiki Level 2, Learn Reiki Level , , Learn Reiki Master ship, Learn Reiki Grandmaster ship, Energy Healing, Self-Cleansing, ,Stress  Management and much more can list their business at

Coming to the interesting aspect, you can now list your business at for free or for a paid subscription at affordable cost to get published to the many users of the website. This dedicated portal for the desi community in the USA means much for the focused reach to the Indians in the USA.

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