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Taking Care Of Your Pets

We recognize that pets are an instantaneous happiness enhancer, this is agreeable irrespective of being a pet lover. Pets are commonly chosen for company, stress-buster, security and are amusing to spend time. Similar to any human, pets are also sensitive to attention, health, emotions, comfort and food. It is important to keep them fit and happy. Here are a few practical guidelines and checklists to care for your domesticated animals.


The rudimentary care needs to be its health which has to be prioritized from the day one. Check out the below facts to stay informed about its health.

  • Feeds - Never over-feed even you are generous, it leads to obese inviting health issues of metabolic abnormality.
  • Hygiene – Keep it clean with shower and brushing as per the protocol without any compromise, as a prime step to health. Nails and fir should be trimmed when required. 
  • Doctor visit – Get your vet doctor appointment in frequent intervals, say every 3 to 6 months. Keep track of its health constantly.
  • First-aid – Keep handy a first-aid kit for emergencies if any. This will get you caring better for your pet.
  • Insurance – You have the option to take up insurance for your pet to help you handle the disturbed situations with ease. 
  • Place – A clean and safe place has to be practiced for its stay and rest, this has to be cleaned and maintained with utmost attention.


  • Play – This keeps the emotions balanced and much required for any pet. Intentional playing has to be practiced to keep it moving.
  • Properties – The play props and the applicable objects have to be given access to the pets to enjoy its own time. 
  • Cuddle – Pets love to be cuddled and practice touching its paws, nose, body frequently. A hug and keeping it close to you excites the pet and gives it a happy growth. 
  • Bonding – Try to talk as a friend, pour love and affection, spend time as much as possible and see it reciprocating the same to you in multi-fold. 


  • Training – Provide necessary training for it to comprehend the commands which will enhance the bonding. Appoint a house-trainer if necessary. 
  • Patience – Show ample patience and significantly it will reciprocate with the same patience. 
  • Appreciate – Show appreciation with applause which will cheer the pet to do more such actions. This becomes a healthy habit to make it react to your commands.
  • Correction – It is equally important to correct the wrong behaviour. Being harsh may not set its understanding which needs to be constantly practiced. 

Weather care

The difference in caring for your pet needs to be shown in different seasons. The summer and winter care guidelines are a must for the trainer. 

  • Winter care – Get your pet to apply moisture to help overcome the anguish. Moving out frequency has to be reduced, when required decide to use a sweater. 
  • Summer care – The scorching heat is certainly a pain for your pets and hence it is important to keep it away from the heat. Keep them hydrated with lots of fluids. The morning or evening walk has to be taken care to stay away from the hot surface. 

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