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Kumar Kinshuk Maheshwari Attorney,

54 Visionary, Irvine, CA 92697View on Map


Mr. Maheshwari counsels and represents clients in various area of law, including Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secret, Litigation, Employment, Commercial Contracts, and Clinical Trial Agreements. In addition, his legal experience includes licensing, infringement risk assessment, avoidance, and other intellectual property counseling. Practice in the medical, mechanical, electrical and computer arts including patent prosecution, due diligence, clearance, invalidity, infringement and related opinion work, in the fields of medical devices and software. Provided representation to companies such as SAP, Medtronic, Large financial institution, Enology, Qualcomm, Roland USA and Mattel Draft patent applications and responses related to insulin sensing and infusion pumps, Prosecute patent applications related to catheter/ stent deployment and drug eluting stent mechanisms. Client counseling to medical device, software, electronic companies to include IP portfolio strategies and identifying licensing opportunities. Drafting freedom to operate, clearance opinions and IP licensing documents. Performing a comprehensive risk assessment mapping competitor patients against product landscape. Draft Inter Parts Review requests, patent and trademark licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, pleadings, claim charts for infringement and invalidity contentions. Prepare cease and desist letters for patent litigation cases.

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    Legal Attorney Services, Law Firms, Indian Lawyers, Patent Attorneys
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  • 54 Visionary
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